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The market for fermented food products is growing rapidly, and now includes dairy, soy, fruit, vegetables, and many other items.

OMVE’s lab and pilot fermenting equipment allow producers full control throughout the duration of this delicate process. As well as minimizing resources, you will be able to create the right amount of product for conducting shelf life studies and panel tests. OMVE also offers a structuring add-on for yogurt applications, providing the right viscosity and texture from each run.

The process is controlled by different sensors, allowing you to start the fermentation process, set the required parameters and let the system run autonomously. Our fermenters can be connected to an OMVE pasteurizer or UHT equipment and/or filling system. They are cleaning in place (CIP) and sterilizing in place (SIP) ready.

The capacity range of our fermenting equipment is 6L to 400L.

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