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CRA Crystallization & Aeration

Controlling and developing texture

Crystallization and aeration are used to structure and add texture to products such as dairy items and margarine, as well as a range of low-calorie and low-fat products. These processes, which must be undertaken at specific temperatures, can directly affect the texture, mouthfeel and taste experience of the end consumer.

Studying a product’s sensory characteristics demands the systematic evaluation of all process variables and ingredients. This requires panel tests to be performed concurrently to formulation. However, the use of production plants is rarely feasible during these evaluation stages.

OMVE’s crystallization and aeration equipment make it possible to isolate and control all variables, including temperature, shear, kneading and overrun, allowing you to replicate your existing processes and develop new products. The capacity range of our crystallization and aeration equipment is 10L/h to 50L/h.

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