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OMVE understands the responsibility we have as a manufacturer to our customers. We work with our in-house experts to determine what equipment you require. All our systems are modularly built, which enables us to fit them to your process. If your requirements are unique, or our different modules do not exactly match your needs, our engineers and scientists will design equipment according to your requirements.

Upgrade / Extension of your pilot plant

At OMVE, we understand you want to stay flexible and have the ability to upgrade your system. As such, our equipment is designed and built in a way that enables you to scale up whenever it’s right for you. Additionally, it is possible to add a wide range of options to your system after the purchase. We are ready for any special requirements you might have to guarantee that the equipment can handle today’s demands and applications, as well as future developments.

Demo center

With our unique demo facility, you are able to test equipment you are interested in buying or leasing. This facility can also be booked to conduct trials. Our experts are available to assist you in both cases.

Fully tested at our factory and your site

When making an investment, you want to be sure that your equipment is working according to your requirements. In our field, we are the only supplier that invites their customer to our facilities to supervise the Factory Acceptance Test to experience the performance of their own equipment before shipment. This gives you the certainty that the equipment you receive will be exactly what you pay for. After installation and commissioning a comparable test, the Site Acceptance Test will be performed once more to approve the performance of the machine. This service validation procedure will ensure your 100% satisfaction.

Commissioning & Training

We deliver, and commission the equipment to ensure that the unit is working according to its specifications and to your satisfaction. To optimize the performance of the equipment, we provide training on how to operate the equipment. When requested, OMVE provides additional training after three or four months.

Periodical Maintenance

The most important part for any customer is that the equipment is up and running, with minimum downtime. To ensure the accurate functioning of the machine, we offer both corrective and periodical maintenance. Periodical maintenance is offered either every two years, every year or every six months, depending on the usage of the equipment.

Other benefits that are included are:

  • Training of new operators
  • The opportunity to have desired modifications or upgrades carried out
  • Discount on spare parts

To assure minimum breakdowns and well-trained operators, OMVE advises customers to take a Periodical Maintenance Contract. This keeps your pilot plant in optimum shape, and you also get reduced costs on labor and spare parts.

Spare parts

We have a broad range of spare parts in stock to minimize downtime. They are sent out pro-actively with a minimized time loss in between purchase and delivery. However, we advise overseas customers, or customers who use the equipment frequently, to purchase a spare part kit to cover all wearing components in the equipment.

Remote assistance

If any issues occur, you have the possibility of us connecting with your process equipment in real-time to support you directly. The remote control option is offered for all advanced lab and pilot systems. Get in contact with us to find out more about this support option.

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