Process Plants

Process plants on small-scale

OMVE specializes in designing and supplying modular and customized process plants with a capacity range of between 10L/h and 200L/h. Our process plants can be configured individually, allowing you to up- or down-scale your production as needed.

We supply pilot plants for all liquid and semi-liquid food applications, as well as liquid applications for related industries. Examples of the pilot plants we have supplied to our global customers include: ingredient-testing plants, baby-food plants, margarine plants, yogurt plants, dairy plants, and still and carbonated drink (CSD) plants.

OMVE can supply the right pilot plant to meet your specifications. Contact us to find out more.

Fermentation plant

OMVE’s fermentation line consists of the following components: our MPV220-BL blending tank for product preparation; our HT220 UHT system for pasteurizing and sterilizing the product; our high-pressure homogenizer; different holding times; and our MPV231-FE pressurized fermenter with additional cooling and structuring module.

This line is also easy to clean and sterilize. Cleaning in place (CIP) and sterilizing in place (SIP) can be undertaken using the OMVE HT220 system.

Carbonated beverage plant

OMVE’s carbonation plant consists of our CF310 batch carbonator and our Flexi-Fill (FS205) counter-pressure filler, as well as an external chiller and cleaning in place (CIP) unit (CIP350).

Our batch carbonator is also able to carbonate products containing particles, such as juices, dairy and dairy alternatives, and foamy products.

Tailor-made baby-food plant

This customizable process plant operates with a nominal capacity of 100L/h and enables the development of a wide range of infant nutrition products.

The configuration includes OMVE’s HT320 UHT system with different holding times and direct steam injection (DSI), our HP303 high-pressure homogenizer and our FS212 aseptic filling bench.

Beverage plant for still drinks, juices with particles, and tea

This configuration includes OMVE’s HT320 UHT system with different holding times, our MPV250 blending vessel for product preparation, our HP303 high-pressure homogenizer and our FS211 hygienic filling bench.

For still drinks, such as juices with larger particles and fibers, or for high viscous products, the configuration will differ. For example, our UHT system is supplied with a scrape surface heat exchanger (SSHE) and an inline deaerator to process and preserve.

Margarine plant

This configuration includes our CRA226 crystallizer with mixer and our MPV250 blending vessel for product emulsifying.


  • Since 1993, we have specialized in supplying manufacturing R&D and pilot-plant equipment.
  • OMVE is a preferred supplier to leading multinationals worldwide.
  • OMVE systems are designed and manufactured according to the highest industry standards.
  • OMVE systems come with a two-year warranty.
  • OMVE systems carry CE certification.
  • OMVE offers the most comprehensive service available on the market.


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