The success of all your trial depends on the quality of the utilities you use.

Steam generators

Many small-scale R&D facilities don’t offer a steam supply. As such, the majority of OMVE’s low-flow-rate systems run on electricity. The exception is aseptic process lines, which are increasingly common and for which low-pressure steam can be helpful for sterilizing the process line.

Direct steam injection is also becoming more and more common. These systems require a steam pressure of up to 8 bar(g).

Because there are very few small-capacity boilers available that offer the high pressure needed to generate culinary steam, OMVE has developed its own small steam boiler, the SG18, which is ideal for use with our HT220 range.

For more information, consult our SG18 product page.

If you require a larger steam boiler, we are more than happy to assist you in selecting the right system.

Soften water

The hardness or softness of tap water varies from location to location and is determined by the amount of calcium and magnesium in the water. Calcium separates from water during heating, leaving a layer of calcium buildup on internal heat exchangers and piping. OMVE advises using soft water when generating steam, or sterilizing the system with hot water applied at a high pressure. OMVE can provide a small water softener system that will minimize fouling and limited the amount of system maintenance required.

Chillers and freezers

Cooling is a highly important part of processing liquid food. OMVE offers a complete solution that includes chillers with the ability to cool products to -5oC. For the crystallization system, a freezer is required that can cool to -25oC. OMVE uses water-glycol fluid as a cooling agent, as this is easy to maintain and safe to use in an R&D environment.

Air compressors

Air compressors are widely available from different retailers. However, using the wrong kind of compressor can result in the process equipment being damaged. As such, OMVE offers customers a total, comprehensive solution that includes the air compressor as part of the overall package.

Gas supply

Gasses such as CO2 or N2 are used in a variety of food production processes. As these are not generated naturally, but supplied in bottles, OMVE recommends that you contact local gas suppliers, which we can gladly assist you with. Please be aware that you will also require certain regulatory instrumentation.


While all of our systems are supplied with international customers in mind, we also aware that not all R&D labs offer a high amp power supply. In some cases, a converter may be required to stabilize the electricity supply. As a total solution provider, OMVE can either supply you with electricity converters directly or can help you to select an external provider.

Small-scale process plants

Looking for a single, comprehensive processing solution for ingredients, yogurts, still and soft drinks, margarine or other liquid products? You’ve come to the right place.

Process plant


  • Since 1993, we have specialized in supplying manufacturing R&D and pilot-plant equipment.
  • OMVE is a preferred supplier to leading multinationals worldwide.
  • OMVE systems are designed and manufactured according to the highest industry standards.
  • OMVE systems come with a two-year warranty.
  • OMVE systems carry CE certification.
  • OMVE offers the most comprehensive service available on the market.


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