Liquid applications

OMVE provides food and drink producers and related industries with flexible solutions that enable them to make a wide variety of high-quality liquid and high-viscosity products. From dairy and margarine to alcoholic and carbonated beverages, and in-demand nutraceutical and plant-based products, the range of applications that you are able to develop and test with our small-scale liquid process equipment is limitless.

Our equipment is known for its efficacy, reliability and ease of use. These qualities mean that, around the world, we support some of the most successful and innovative small-scale food and drink brands in the marketplace. They include Iceland’s Skyr yogurt, Birch tree-sap water, and many more besides. We invite you to find out more about the wide range of applications that are made possible with OMVE.

Small-scale process plants

Looking for a single, comprehensive processing solution for ingredients, yogurts, still and soft drinks, margarine or other liquid products? You’ve come to the right place.

Process plant

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