Plant-based beverages - a growing market


Consumers want beverages that address both health and sustainability concerns. Based on reports and studies, innovation in the plant-based category is still growing rapidly. Dairy alternatives not only meet consumer lifestyles and demands, but are also important dairy replacement products for many individuals. The consumption of plant-based beverages is often the best choice to help with allergies, sensitivities and other dietary needs.
There are many new business opportunities waiting to be seized, with a variety of plant-based ingredients made from rice, nuts, grains and seeds.

Time matters

Business opportunities in the food and beverage industry require good timing and an agile approach. But launching a new RTD ready-to-drink beverage is not an easy task. The journey requires extensive prototyping to create excellent recipes.
It is essential to test many quality parameters, such as viscosity, protein content, digestibility and nutrients. Flavor analysis, microbiological tests, detailed sensory evaluations, among many other aspects, are just as important. The complete product development can be a very time-consuming process. This not only means high development costs; it could also mean missing the chance to make high profits in a new market segment.
Time matters to position a brand and accelerate return on investment.

Why choose an OMVE solution?

Our specialty is making state-of-the-art pilot plants to efficiently develop plant-based beverages in less time. With a high level of automation, our equipment requires minimum human control. This frees up time for developers to focus on research activities, offering a unique approach to innovation and saving both time and money. Additional benefits are waste & resource reduction.

  • High automation = quicker learning curve
  • Financial strategy = reducing time-to-market
  • Cost savings = less resources & waste
  • Dutch efficiency = world class technology
  • Validated option = success is achievable

OMVE designs solutions to process milks made from cashews, soy, coconut, oat, almond, lentils, quinoa, among others. Our pilot plants provide a mixing / blending phase, thermal processing (with direct steam injection) phase and aseptic filling phase.

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  • Since 1993, we have specialized in supplying manufacturing R&D and pilot-plant equipment.
  • OMVE is a preferred supplier to leading multinationals worldwide.
  • OMVE systems are designed and manufactured according to the highest industry standards.
  • OMVE systems come with a two-year warranty.
  • OMVE systems carry CE certification.
  • OMVE offers the most comprehensive service available on the market.


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