HT324 Direct Steam Infusion & DSI System

In-Line Direct Steam Sterilization

Build your ultimate UHT pilot plant

The HT324 offers the Steam Infusion and the Steam injection technology in one system. Direct Steam Infusion is a Heat Treatment Technology used for sensitive food products which require a high spore kill rate and minimize the product degradation.

The cooling is done in the flash tank by vacuum. This allows you to have a very fast heating and cooling profile of your product to minimize the heat impact to your product.

The system can be fully controlled as stand-alone unit or through HT320 system.
The nominal capacity is 100 or 200L/hr.

Unique features

  • User-friendly
  • Hygienic design for effective cleaning
  • Automatic CIP/ SIP
  • Very short holding times
  • High level of automation & control
  • 20bar flash tank pump outlet pressure
  • 0,2bar(a) vacuum for maximum cooling in the flash tank